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TS!Underswap has garnered a positive reception within the Undertale fan community. Fans appreciate the creativity and effort put into reimagining the Undertale universe...


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Undertale, the indie RPG developed by Toby Fox, took the gaming world by storm upon its release in 2015. Known for its innovative gameplay mechanics, engaging story, and memorable characters, Undertale has inspired numerous fan creations and alternate universe (AU) adaptations. One such adaptation that has gained popularity is TS!Underswap.

TS!Underswap, short for Two-Sided Underswap, is an alternate universe of Undertale that explores what would happen if the personalities of the characters were swapped, creating intriguing and often humorous scenarios. This fan-created universe has spawned various fanart, fanfiction, and even a dedicated game that offers players a fresh perspective on the familiar world of Undertale.

Origins of TS!Underswap:

The concept of Underswap itself is not unique to TS!Underswap, as it initially started as an idea where the personalities of Sans and Papyrus were swapped. However, TS!Underswap takes this concept to a whole new level by extending the personality swaps to other characters in the Undertale universe, leading to unexpected and entertaining outcomes.

Key Character Swaps:

  1. Sans and Papyrus:

    • In TS!Underswap, Sans becomes the energetic and pun-loving sentry, while Papyrus takes on the role of the laid-back and lazy brother. This swap creates amusing interactions and dialogues that deviate from the original Undertale dynamic.
  2. Toriel and Asgore:
    • The loving caretaker Toriel becomes the powerful queen in TS!Underswap, while the fierce king Asgore embraces a more nurturing and protective role. This inversion adds depth to their characters and provides players with a fresh perspective on the Asgore-Toriel relationship.
  3. Undyne and Alphys:

    • Undyne, the fierce warrior-fish, transforms into a shy and nerdy scientist, while Alphys becomes the bold and determined head of the Royal Guard. This swap creates interesting dynamics between the characters and adds comedic value to their interactions.
  4. Frisk and Chara:

    • The roles of the player character and the antagonist are also reversed in TS!Underswap. Players control Chara, the human child, on a journey through the Underground, interacting with swapped personalities and facing unique challenges.


TS!Underswap stands as a testament to the creativity and passion of the Undertale fan community. By exploring the possibilities of personality swaps, this alternate universe offers a refreshing take on the beloved characters of Undertale.

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